Public security

Municipal emergencies : 450 562-3781

What is civil security?

Civil security is a set of actions and means that increase knowledge of risks, prevent them and  limit the impact of disasters on the environment.


In accordance with the 2014-2024 Quebec Civil Protection Policy, Ville de Lachute relies on  two foundations to guide its actions in the area of civil protection. 


The first foundation established that civil security concerns all actors in society, both citizens and  governments as well as organizations and businesses of all kinds

The second foundation requires a comprehensive and integrated approach when implementing  civil security. This approach is based on 3 essential elements:  

  1. that all the hazards (risks) are taken into account in the planning; 
  2. that the actions and means undertaken cover the 4 dimensions of civil security  (prevention, preparation, intervention and recovery); 
  3. that these actions be concerted with all stakeholders in the community.

Means of alerting the population



  • Automated call system, if you are not registered, please click here ;
  • Local newspapers and radio (FM 104,9);
  • Vehicles with speakers;
  • Social media.

For more information during an ongoing intervention or event, see: 


  • Ville de Lachute Website;
  • Ville de Lachute Facebook page.

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